Reverse Decoupage on Glass with Crackle effect !!!

June 16, 2018
Hello Friends ,

                           What are you all doing ? First of all thank you so much for a great response for Image Transfer Technique. I am super happy with all the comments and love . So I am back  again with another decoupage technique. I am really sorry I forgot to take pictures step by step but I will definitely share a procedure with you guys... I altered plain glass Dishes from kitchen !!!


Step by Step Procedure !!!

Step 1 : Select your Decoupage Paper or Tissue 

              I select a Decoupage paper here. I used Decoupage papers from Zero Brand of Nagashri Arts !!! These are super gorgeous papers with great colours , textures and prints !!! 

Step 2 : Select a Surface 

             I choose glass plates for my today's project  !!! Make sure that all surfaces are different to work on so you have to keep that in mind before you start your work. On glass there is no need to apply any primer as its transparent and we are going to do Reverse Decoupage !!! On Glass and on Acrylic sheet only reverse decoupage is possible as these surfaces are see through from other side.

Step 3 : Crackle effect 

            In reverse decoupage you always have to work on the back side of your object and the steps go reverse when compared with regular decoupage. So here I worked on the bottom surface of the glass plate. I am going to use Decoupage paper which is not transparent so first I have to create cracks with crackle mediums. In case if you are using any light colour decoupage tissue then you can create cracks after gluing Tissue on the surface. But in this project I want that vintage look with fine crackles. 

           So I used 2 step Crackle Medium from Itsy Bitsy. It's a must have product for your Projects . I really loved it. First I applied a thick coat of  Base coat from 2 step crackle medium bottles. You have to apply this coat in criss cross method for a fine crackles. The direction of brush strokes play an important role in type of cracks you get. Use a soft synthetic hair flat brush for the purpose. Do not over brush in the same spot. Base coat is not transparent when you applied it but after drying it will become clear. The mediums have to dry naturally for best results.I prefer to leave it overnight for drying. After drying also its little bit sticky but don't worry you can proceed to next step.

           Now applied a thick top coat of two step crackle medium as same criss cross way. When top coat dries , the cracks will appear. The size of the cracks depend on thickness of coat. Thicker the coat , bigger will be the cracks. I tried two times earlier  but failed to get bigger cracks so I washed my plates and try again. So patience is a key to your success :)

Step 4 : Highlight the cracks

          Highlighting is very important step in this method. You can use soft sponge or your finger for this but I prefer my finger. Cracks are already formed but need to be highlighted. You can use any pigmented colour or ink for this purpose. I have highlighted the cracks with Brown oil colour tube. I choose brown as it goes well with my background. You can also use other highlighting mediums, mentioned in the instructions on the bottle.

          Oil colour will also spread in areas around the cracks. Wipe of this colour very gently . First with dry tissue and then with wet wipe. Do not over rub or rub harshly. This will damage the cracks . The top coat of crackle medium may also get removed or form wrinkles. Work in small areas while highlighting the cracks, wipe off the excess and then move to another area.  It needs lots of patience. 

Step 5 :  Stick your Decoupage paper and create detailing 

          Very important step before sticking a paper on glass plate . When you cut the edges of Decoupage paper a white line appears on border which can be visible from front side so before gluing it I distressed the edges with Brown Distress ink . Now I glued my decoupage paper on it with the help of  Mod podge. But apply mod podge only on paper not on glass , remember this step .

         Still I want to add some detailing around decoupage paper in the background. So I thought to add some leaves and branches around paper which will go perfect with the print of my paper. Now the tricky part, we have the back side of paper to work further so its not possible to create detailing at the perfect place. So with the help of black acrylic paint I drawn leaves and branches on the front part of plate where we dint do anything. I choose acrylic paint because it can easily remove with wet wipe. Then I got the perfect spot where I have to create my detailings at back side  with colours  !!! After I am done , I wiped out that black lines from the front.

Step 6 : Final touch up

        As a final touch up I covered the entire portion of glass plate with colours from back side . Choose colours which will go well with your print !!!For this step I used a sponge to dab colours on plates. Still on some part cracks will appear on colour too so I applied Dark Brown colour as a final coat on glass plates . I covered  back side again  with that colour  ,so if cracks will appear from the front we can see the dark brown colour through it. That dark colour will help cracks to highlight more. I gave two to three coats of it.

Bingo...It's ready Now !!! Looks lengthy but its not just have to keep that in mind that, What  layer you do first in reverse decoupage that will be visible more and you cant change that after applying other layers on it. It is complete reverse procedure what we usually do in our projects and paintings... Hope it will help you to create your creations. 

Thank you,




  1. Beautiful. Love the outcome.Thank you for joining us at the Rhedd's Creative Spirit challenge. - Priya Satish DT

  2. What a charming make. Love the bird! Thank you for joining with Rhedd's Creative Spirit Challenge this month.

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