August 10, 2017
Artery Crate!!

Feel at home if you are looking for making or creating art, craft, home décor and gift ideas. Handcrafted gifts never run out of fashion. Being a commercial artist by profession and a die-hard fan of translating the passion through my work, I have come a long way. But even today I feel like a new comer…’coz learning never ceases! A teacher in me nudges me to share my handmade work in an easy way. My passion for craft propelled me to spread my wings into the virtual reality…I started this blog…Here I will be sharing my easy to follow methods to create signature artifacts using pictures and layouts coupled with commentary. You name it and you will find it. In case you want, then drop me a comment!

About the Author:

Vidhi Jadeja is a commercial artist by profession, an avid blogger, a doting mother and a compassionate person!
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