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January 17, 2019
Hello guys,

                     I am back again with my inspirational post for Mixed Media Warriors blog. This layout is very dear to my heart. It's all about My Granny and her Kitchen!!! She is so beautiful and a great cook !!! She always says that in kitchen your main “goal” is to make anything good with all your heart, love and emotions. I love her and her yummy food !!!

                     So I try to tell you all untold stories about her and her kitchen through my art !!!

                     Pickled memories, aromas of laughter wafting in mind and savoury, syrupy taste of her handmade delicacies are all the floats along with the smile that bedecks my graceful Granny. Shy of turning nonagenarian, my Granny's enthusiasm beats one that of a young lady, when its come to cooking and experimenting with ingredients. Always eager to try new dishes across global cuisines. 

                     Her kitchen has many untold stories that are spun over the years, dotted here and there with the burn marks which she carries with the elan of a warrior. Laced with the clinking and clanking of her pots and pans, these anecdotes revolve around her beloved people and happy times. Here is my effort to capture that lively essence of hers in my layout.

                     To present the essence of untold stories from my Granny's kitchen, I have created a background by burning the edges of the paper by flame. Some texture was added to it to give justice to the look and feel of her wrinkled skin. The spices were the main witnesses of her stories. The real spices like cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, cloves, bay leaves etc thus find their way, here and there, in this artwork. Her gentle nature always found fragrant or otherwise. Dash of real dry pink flowers and splash of pink and real coffee's brown colours finds a place of pride across the layout.

           Hope you like my little story around a layout.

Thank you,
Vidhi Jadeja 

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