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January 27, 2019
Hello friends,

                       How are you doing? Today I am here to share a new experience of my crafting journey. I was super excited when I received the product from Itsy Bitsy, a newly launched " Craft Cement "!!! It is a wonderful product. You can try out so many different things with it. It's a versatile product which can be used to create any Home decor, Mix media or Fun kids project. I love the Idea of Craft Cement as It is so much in nowadays among designers and decorators.

                      First of all, I will Explain a little bit about craft cement. The cement comes in a jar of 450 gm. It is very easy to use by just mixing water. But it is advisable to mix water gradually. It depends on your project that what you want to create. It can be used for moulding, casting, layering, DIY crafts, creating textures and more. Great for making planters, bowls, candle holders, adding a hard textured layer on fabric etc.

                     I have created a Leaf Shaped small table for my garden corner from this craft cement. As I want to make a little big in size, so I needed 3 bottles of Craft Cement. First of all, I bought some Vegetable Leaves from the local market and arranged them on plastic the way I want for my table.

                        After that, I gradually mixed water in my craft cement in another bowl. As I don't want a too thin paste and make sure there are no lumps. Mixed well with your hand, wear hand gloves to protect your skin. My paste is ready. I applied a layer of it on leaves with my hands. After the first layer, I sprinkled a little bit of dry cement powder to make another layer. And poured one more layer of paste to make a little thick surface. Again I sprinkled dry cement powder to make the last layer.

                        Let the cement rest for about 24 hours. Do not try to move or carry, till it completely dries. The next day when it is dried, I flipped it upwards down and slowly lift the leaves from cement.  I slowly removed all leaves from the surface. Look at this, isn't it look gorgeous the way it is !!! Looks so natural, for a second I thought not to do anything with it. But I want to try so many different mediums on it so I continue my journey.

                            As I want to use this as my table so I need a little solid and strong surface. So I kept as it is for one or two more days and sprinkled water on it 4 or 5 times a day to make it harder.

                             The next step is to prime the surface before applying any further mediums on it. I glued a rope around the edges of the leaves to look more decorative and protect it. After that, I applied a white gesso on the surface.

                             Next, I applied chalk paints from the store and little rust paste at the edges to get my first layer of colours.

                                After that got my sprays from the stash and applied a layer of it on chalk paints...for a more shiny and glittery look. It enhanced the surface of leaf !!!

                                  To create more interest and depth I added golden and bronze small beads at the edges of the leaf randomly. Even dry brushed the edges wita h golden colour.

                             For the base of the table, I took one earthen pot and gave a base coat of brown colour. On that surface with the help of stencils and colours, I added some patterns on a pot to match with my Leaf table. I dint stick pot to leaf table as I want to make that space usable so we can open and put something in it. 

                                And Voila it's ready to enhance my garden !!! Handmade stuff is more dear to us as we added our love and feelings to it. It has more value rather than a ready-made one. Hope you guys like it ...

Product Review :

                             First of all, it's a must-have product if you want to try new ideas and DIYs. It is very easy to use. Packaging is perfect to handle and store. Price is also very economical while white cement is more costly compared to grey cement. Grey cement's settling behaviour and strength development are better than white cement. 

                             Cement is not be considered a common material to be used in interior decorating but its beautiful texture and raw material make it a most wanted for all designers nowadays. But a DIY cement trend has opened this wonderful material to every crafter seeking to please go and grab this wonderful product. 

                                 Hope you enjoyed my new journey : )

Thank you,
Vidhi Jadeja 

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