“ Answers behind the Locked Door "

July 16, 2019
Hello friends,

                        I am back at The Element Craft Studio as my last DT post. I have altered a key box.
Make it a little bit old, shady and distressed but still used bright and beautiful colours. I hope you will love the mix match of colours and textures. 

Here is a step by step pictorial for your guidance.

  1. First I removed door hinges from the box. Then with the help of air dry clay and black cardboard, I added more depth to my doors to give a 3d effect.

        2. Next step I selected one wood grain Decoupage papers from the store and tear it randomly. I glued with Decoupage glue on the sides of the boxes and gave a coat of Crackle paste on the box and doors. 

       3. Now, its time to colour. I gave a thin coat of Grey mixed media paste on the doors and coloured the remaining portion with chalk paints. But remember one thing I didn't apply a thick coat of colours, here I diluted colours with water.

     4. Inside of the box too, I did the same procedure. First applied decoupage papers randomly after that crackle paste and paint.

   5. As the last step, I applied a brown colour at the edges and corner of the box and doors to look more vintage, shady and distressed.

   And It's ready....

Hope you guys love it...

Thank you, Vidhi Jadeja
Artery Crate


  1. its awesome a vry beautiful vintage look

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