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September 15, 2019

            I am back again at Expressions Craft Blog with my pictorial tutorial for this month. In India now all festivals will come one by one. September is a starting month of festivals.  We have a colourful mood board this month for September challenge to cheer your mood for upcoming festive time.

              I have altered a wooden box as a wedding gift to uplift the festive mood. Try to used gorgeous colours from the mood board. Here is a step by step process that how I will create it.

Step 1:  As a first step, I sanded the box with sandpaper. This is a wedding gift box so I selected a stencil which I found like a Henna design on the bride's hand. Through stencils, I applied texture paste to give texture on the box.

Step 2: I gave a coat of Heavy Black Gesso to prime the box.

 Step 3: Now I played with Chroma Burst's shades of pink, yellow and purple I selected to colour the   box. I sprinkled some colour from Chroma burst randomly on the top and sides of the box and add   water on it to make them spread freely. After drying its gives beautiful shine on the box. 

I did dry brushing with Metalic colours on the box to enhance the look of it. That adds more shine to the project.

Step 3: I selected some decorative Embellishments from IMMIX. They have wonderful varieties of chipboards with great quality. Placed them before I started colouring the box for a random idea that how it will look.

Step 4: Added a Black granite texture paste on the frame to look more interesting. Colour all decorative stuff with Metalic colours from IMMIX and glued them on the top of the Box

Step5: At the end, add glitter and micro stones to enhance the look of the box. 

Thank you 

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