Hidden Treasures

August 11, 2017

When a fellow from one tribe meets a fellow from another tribe, what is the best thing to do? Offer a gift and then say, Hello! I thought of the same and made a wonderful gift for my dear one!!!  A gift that you can make from the "Treasures" that you have in your closets! 

Right from my childhood, I loved to create something or other from my junk, waste or for that matter say anything!!! So I never threw my little precious things from my stock. I always got yelled at by my mother for the same. For her it was a junk and for me it was my "Treasure"! Over the years the treasure piled up, making me wonder how, when and where will I use it? And recently I got a magic wand..."Mix Media art" and fell in love with it. One of the basic reasons being, I can now put my treasure to use!

Today, I wish to share with you my first ever Mixed Media project using all my treasure! The one featured here was made for my father's 60th birthday celebration. So, I put and chose all embellishments around his life's events, milestones and of course important parts of his life.

Firstly, I gave a coat of white gesso on canvas. Then, I applied texture white paste on some stencils and created different textures here and there on canvas. After that, I placed roughly all my MDF, metal and resin embellishments and some of my secret "Treasures" on canvas. 

You can put all the embellishments and other stuff first and decide its perfect placements. When you are happy with the final layout stick them one by one on canvas. Let it dry completely with the help of a heat gun.

I applied two coats of black gesso on it except the flowers. When black gesso dried completely, I sprayed some distress inks randomly on canvas. Immediately after that I applied pearl acrylic colours on embellishments to highlight them. One can use any colours to suit the choice and theme.  The hand-crafted piece of art from the "Treasure" which was junk earlier is now ready...

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but also celebrate them with the cries of "Me Too!", don't let them go...cherish them, 'coz those weirdos are your tribe...and don't forget to pamper them with the gifts made out of your "
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