ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः

August 11, 2017

Hello Friends,
The most important step of all, they say, is the first step! For me, this is a first step towards something, something that is really different. And I am nervous…quite human, isn’t it?

A call from deep down inside of my heart came a knocking… The calling of blogging and the passion for art gave me a courage and assured me that soon I am going to be at home with the blogging world! Blogging, just a year back was new thing to me. Slowly I warmed up to it and the stage was set…a stage wherein I thought of having my own footprint on this digital world! “Artery Crate” was thus born out of all the synthesis that was happening in my mind and heart.

To start something new, what do we do? We seek blessings from Lord Ganesha and Bappa is my favourite too! I thus started my journey by seeking blessings from Bappa by making a small plaque that was adorned with his presence.

All I needed was a MDF plain plaque. Then I  decoupaged a tissue on it after a base coat. I choose a flowery decoupage tissue.  Applied golden and copper acrylic colours on it with the help of sponge at the edges. Smudging was carried out with utmost care.

On a separate sheet of white plain paper, I did stencilling of Ganesha’s image with copper colour. It was followed by stamping traditional border on the paper and then distressing the edges with distressed ink. Metal embellishments from my stock came handy this time. I coloured them and highlighted the written images of "Shubha" and "Labh".

It’s not over yet! I took some appealing and fine die cuts of leaves and butterfly. I had to colour them with the distressed ink. The pieces of the jigsaw were now ready. Now, it was time to put everything at its place. I did not wish to overshadow the beautiful flowers. So, I arranged my die cuts and embellishments on the plaque. Then, I put a card board piece under Ganpati's image to give it a little bit height, a kind of raised look! After all placements, I randomly stamped some stamps on the plaque.

It looks simple yet very elegant, it was ready! I had crafted this for a client who is a great devotee of Bappa. I felt rewarded when I saw the expression of the contentment and pleasure on the face of her! My journey had   thus started on a WIN-WIN note…happy customer, happy me!

Stay tuned for more such wonderful creations…each one holding a story in itself!


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