Wintry Night

December 23, 2019

Hello Crafty friends,
                                    How are you? Hope you are enjoying winter... Today I am here at Mixed Media Academy Challenge to share my pictorial post to inspire you for this month challenge. We have amazing mood board in December. Do join us for this month...

                                          I love to alter old stuff in mixed media. Its fun to give them new life. Today I altered an old LED light. I love its ruff texture and round shape so thought to alter it. So lets start the procedure. 

Step 1:   First I just stuck a jute thread around it and gave a coat of white Gesso. 

Step 2:    I applied white Crackle paste through stencil and stick few laces here and there to create more interest. Add a little resin frame ,few flowers and clay molds with heavy gel and again gave a coat of white gesso.

Step 3:   Added natural wood twigs and art stones with art gloss gel.

Step 4:    Now its time to add colours after all beautiful textures. I used Lindy's Starburst Sprays to add colours. They gave perfect shine to my project. 

Step 5:   After colouring, I did dry brushing with White Gesso to give perfect wintry look!

Step 6:    I added white crackle paste on chipboard and sprayed again Lindy's Spray on it to get perfect look and arranged in my project as a focal point to create more interest!

                      And Voila its ready........

                      It is a simple and yet fun project to start Mixed Media for anyone!!!

Thank you,
Vidhi Jadeja

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