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December 24, 2019
Hello Crafty folks,

I am DT Vidhi Jadeja here from Artery Crate! Today I am sharing my Pictorial Project with you to inspire you.

Christmas is around the corner and I have altered an mdf candle pillar to enhance the Christmas decor of the corner of your room to look more festive. Used expressions Craft newly launched chipboards which are perfect for Christmas...

First, I gave a coat of White Gesso to mdf pillar as a primer. 

Then I applied Chalk Paint ( Brown ) randomly with a knife for an amazing effect.

After that I applies Natural Dessert Texture Paste in same way with Knife. 

And then covered the pillar with White crackle paste so when Cracks will appear, we can see that brown colour and even feel rough texture.

Now colour them randomly with  chroma Burst and water... Chroma Burst spreads amazingly with water and give nice effect on surface. I tried to create liitle snow effect with the shades of green.

 After that I coloured Chipboards with Metalic Paints and glue them on pillar.

Now it's time to add small elements to make them look in one flow. I added some die cuts, flowers , art stones and glitter with Art Matte Gel. At last did little dry Brushing with White Heavy Gesso and It's ready !!! 

Have you seen That Little Cracks ??? looks so amazing and Wintery...

Supplies Used : 
  1. White heavy gesso
  2. Chalk Paint ( Brown )
  3. Natural desert paste
  4. White crackle paste 
  5. Chipboards 
  6. Art stones
  7. Rainbow Sparks Glitter 
  8. Chroma Burst 

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